My Hypothesis

How are these headstones similar to each other?:
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What do you think the notation on the gravestones stands for and what might these men have been doing before they died?: j60hn5

My Notes

Chesapeake And Ohio Railway Company Map showing Alexandria and City Point Virginia
Image of newspaper article, <i>Alexandria Gazette</i>, April 26, 1865
Photograph of United States Fire Department in Alexandria, Virginia with steam fire engines out front, July 1863
Image of newspaper article, <i>Alexandria Gazette</i>, November 11, 1865


Consider what you have learned in the module and answer the questions below:
How has your thinking about Peter Carroll’s, Christian Farley’s, Samuel Gosnell’s, and George Huntington’s sacrifice changed after viewing these resources?
War entails sacrifice. What does this statement mean to you after learning about this story?