My Hypothesis

How do the words on the plaque of Confederate Mound regard the Confederate war dead buried there? :
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What details on the plaque make you think that?: 0glk349

My Notes

Anti-Reconstruction wood engraving, "Murder of Louisiana sacrificed at the altar of radicalism."
What leads you to believe that anti-Reconstruction southerners would want to maintain a separate national identity?:
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Why would the Southern Memorial Association want to remove Confederate war dead from a federal soldiers’ cemetery in the 1870s?:
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Petition to US War Department asking for permission to remove Confederate dead from Alexandria Soldiers' Cemetery, 1879.
What is the significance of moving the Confederate dead to Christ Church in Alexandria?: <a href=>buy cialis online safely</a>
Why is it significant that the Secretary of War had to approve this decision?: <a href=>buy cialis online safely</a>
Union and Confederate veterans celebrate Memorial Day together for the first time at Alexandria Soldiers' Cemetery in 1891.
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What does “Every soldier’s grave made during our unfortunate Civil War is a tribute to American valor” mean?: <a href=>cheapest cialis 20mg</a>
How might a former slave feel about the proclamation that the nation was once again unified? Why?: <a href=>cheapest cialis 20mg</a>


Consider what you have learned in the module and answer the questions below.

What did you find surprising about Alexandria’s role in the memorialization of Confederate war dead? Why?
Does the history of memorializing Confederate war dead in Alexandria affect your thinking about current debates over Confederate memorialization nationally? Why?